Sponsored swim for CARE

Ed Corry Reid has admirably taken on the incredible challenge of swimming from the Albanian coast to Corfu, Greece. We really wish him success and we are full of admiration for his bravery and support of CARE. Please can we ask you to donate whatever you can to this incredible challenge. Please read his coverage of what he will be undertaking….

“I am part of a team of friends taking part in a very exciting international charity swim this coming September from Albania – Corfu.

Having been discussing such an undertaking for some time, I am pleased to say that we’ve finally got our act together and twelve of us will be now setting off early in the morning on September 13th from Albania and swimming across the Ionian straits to St Stefanos, Corfu, and in the process hopefully raise some much needed cash for one or two local charities.

The swim itself is approximately 4kms, and it will by no means be straightforward as we will have to contend with strong tides, enormous ferries bearing down on us, schools of Portuguese man-o-war, and presumably the odd man-eating shark too. In preparation, I have been training at the Tooting lido.

In taking part in this swim, I have decided to try and raise some money for Corfu Animal Rescue Establishment (CARE). CARE was started 11 years ago by my aunt, and does the most wonderful job by giving medical help to and re-housing hundreds of animals (mostly dogs) which have been maltreated, abused or abandoned. This is a never ending task, and without generous support and charity CARE would simply not be in a position to act as the force for good that it is.

I can assure you that you would be surprised by the degree to which even a small donation can make such a HUGE difference to the charity, and anything you are able to give would be appreciated more than you can know. Not only that, but it will also provide me with all the motivation I will need to see this swim through when I encounter the inevitable moment of fear and panic as I am mid-channel…

Donating is very easy, please take two minutes of your time and visit the CARE website (www.carecorfu.com) and click on the ‘Donate’ tab. If you prefer to send a donation by post, then please write cheques out to CARE and post to 416a Kings Road. I am hoping to raise £2500 so please do dig deep.

The website will also give you plenty of information on all of the hard work the charity does to help unfortunate animals that are relying on the kindness of strangers for their well being.

Thank you so much in advance for your support, and finally if you are able to donate please do send me a quick email to let me know you have done so in order that I know who I have to thank!

Happy summer and I will look forward to letting you know how I get on,

Ed xx”

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