February 19, 2018

Scoot is a very friendly and will make a lovely family dog. He is 10kg, 30cm and 2 years old .

Cassy & Shelly

February 7, 2018

These two girls are very sweet but sadly very nervous around people having been treated badly and left to fend for themselves .


RESERVED This is Christopher, he and his sibblings also listed will be small dogs approximately 30cm and between 7-10 kg when fully grown .


Parkin is fully vaccinated and ready for a new home. He will be able to travel in April .


RESERVED Toffee is one of Candy’s litter, she is 8 weeks old and looking for her forever home .


RESERVED This is Carmel who is 8 weeks old, one of the litter from Candy, and she will be ready for travel in April .


Candy is 18 months old and the mum of 3 puppies who are also listed .


Rossy is a 12 weeks old male puppy, fully vaccinated and can travel in March   .


Gorgeous 12 week old puppy, Nikki, will be ready for his forever home in March when he will be able to travel .


Hunter is approximately 3 years old and was taken from people who mistreated her. She is very friendly, about 45cm high and weights 18.5 .

Elos and Baldo

June 15, 2017

ELOS RESERVED Elos and his brother Baldo were found alone and in a bad way on the streets Both have been cared for, vaccinated and .

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