Sky Diving Extraordinaire…

We are incredibly grateful to Victoria Cope who raised an astonishing £2,000 for CARE on 1st December 2013 by sky diving in the UK from an awe inspiring 13,000 feet.

Victoria and her family live on Corfu and for the past ten years have witnesed the plight of the island’s animals first hand. Over the past few years, Victoria has rescued over 10 cats of her own! It’s the kindness, support and generosity of wonderful people like Victoria that keep CARE running and the vulnerable animals on Corfu safe. With this donation, CARE is now able to build a much needed second cat and kitten house, which includes warm winter bedding to see the animals through the cold winter. Any remaining funds will be spent on the medical room which is nearing completion and our next mission is to fill it with second hand medical equipment – any ideas welcome! Thank you and well done Victoria from all of us at CARE – you are inspiration to us all.

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