Albania to Corfu swim

Congratulations to Ed Corry Reid who successfully completed the challenge to swim from Albania to Corfu. A huge thank you to everyone who has so generously donated. Read more about the swim in Ed’s letter here.

Dear All,

No doubt you will all be delighted to hear that, after an early worry on the Thursday of last week owing to a huge thunderstorm, the weather cleared up perfectly in time for my charity swim last weekend. After a slight panic at sleeping through my 6am alarm, we made good time and following a trip to Sarande in Albania to get our passports stamped, we reported to the starting point to begin our swim.

We eventually set off at 11am, Albanian port police watching over us, and slowly made our way to the Corfu shore – which seemed an awfully long way away from sea level. Despite heavier than expected seas, an encounter with a large jellyfish, and strong tides, my team mates and I all made it safely to St Stefano and thankfully without shark attack or a ferry squashing us as we splashed our way over…!

We were welcomed by a huge crowd and the whole CARE team (and a cold beer or two), which was amazing.

I visited the CARE shelter this Monday, and that morning seven more puppies had been bought in having been abandoned. It reminding me just how much there is to do, and how important every penny is in looking after so many helpless animals that are utterly reliant on the kindness and generosity of one or two individuals for their wellbeing (including Roxy in the photo below…!)

On this note, thanks so much to all of you who have so kindly sponsored me and donated to CARE. I will hopefully have a chance to send you all a quick note individually. For those that haven’t yet done so, but would like to, you are still able to sponsor me by going to the CARE website at and as per my email below. I can assure you that ANYTHING you are able to contribute is very gratefully received.

Lastly, having ironed out the logistics this year, we are planning a bigger and better swim next year with many more swimmers, so watch this space!

Thank you to you all again,

Love Ed xx

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