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    CARE has a small shelter near Sidari in the north of Corfu.

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    Until our animals find a new forever family they need somewhere to stay.

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Melitsa one of our Corfu rescues was lucky enough to be re-homed by a wonderful family in Northern Ireland. Her story even reached the Belfast Telegraph. Read the full article here


Ed Corry Reid signed up again for what seems to be becoming an annual event! We are delighted to say that he successfully finished the arduous swim and raised some much needed funds for the animals. A huge thank you to Ed from all the team at CARE! Please read Ed's letter to find out more about the swim...


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We especially love our Instagram - the new dogs are snapped in a polaroid and look very chic!





The exterior signage on the CARE van is looking good for doing the Summer rounds!


Shep has found a loving forever home and is now in London and loving it!

He has become less nervous and is making friends and is very curious about everything

Here is a picture of Shep and his new family 


Attached is a great article that featured in the Canterbury Times about Pano the dog and his new family in Herne.




This is a delightful book written by publicist and food writer Belinda Harley. It tells the story of Goofy the rescue dog from Paxos in Greece. Available at £9.99 plus postage. Please ask if you require any further details


After his swim Ed visited the CARE shelter - here he is with little Roxy


Congratulations to Ed Corry Reid who successfully completed the challenge to swim from Albania to Corfu. A huge thank you to everyone who has so generously donated. Read more about the swim in Ed's letter here.



Ed Corry Reid has admirably taken on the incredible challenge of swimming from the Albanian coast to Corfu, Greece. We really wish him success and we are full of admiration for his bravery and support of CARE. Please can we ask you to donate whatever you can to this incredible challenge. Please read his coverage of what he will be undertaking....



Very exciting news and just waiting for the signage to go on the exterior but fantastic news.


 Thanks to all of you who so generously donated online. The puppy house is now finished and has been a huge success as we can now separate the small puppies from the larger dogs! To save money we asked people to give us any of their left over tiles and so the BIGGEST thank you ever for all your help as we couldn't have done this without your support.



Last summer, an English family rented a villa in  Corfu and found a couple of puppies who had been abandoned. During their stay, they fell in love with Ruby and Marlon and have decided to re-home them both back in the UK. As a result, the two are now living a very happy and wonderful new life with their new family in the U.K.



CARE has managed to keep going for another year mostly with the help of your fantastic donations and standing orders so a huge thank you to everyone for their support. We have just had an amazing fund raising evening at 5 Hertford Street in London which was hosted by its incredible owner Robin Birley, who is passionate about rescue dogs. He invited CARE and 2 other of his favourite charities to an incredible evening which raised over £50,000 which will now be divided between the three charities. Guests icluded Steve Coogan and Julian Fellowes and a great time was had by all. Even better news is that Robin Birley has confirmed he would like to make this an annual event and try and raise even more money which is just incredible so watch this space! The aim at CARE is to rescue animals, help them get back into a more suitable society where they will be cared for properly. An example of this was Cream. He was tiny when he was rescued, infact so small he could fit into his food bowl.


Cream was re-homed and also re-named Bobby, and five months later, he has grown into a lovely dog, which is obvious for all to see below.


We are incredibly grateful to Victoria Cope who raised an astonishing £2,000 for CARE on 1st December 2013 by sky diving in the UK from an awe inspiring 13,000 feet.


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